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Life is a Beach Party – 25 years old+ Experience

25 October 2019

“Not sure, am I too old for this?!?”

Does that go through you, or your friend’s minds when considering going on a holiday to a destination like Ios in Greece?

Well, it also went through our parent’s minds too. We promised them, they wouldn’t feel old, and they didn’t and are now happy repeat customers each summer!

Ios has so much to offer. If you do not feel like joining the party, you do not have to. There are over 30 beaches on the island, many of them secluded, boat tours to wineries, quad bike tours to private beaches, sunset lounges. With all of those options, you can have amazing days, enjoy world class dinners and not see any of the craziness.

But if you do feel like joining the party, it’s not far away & everyone of all ages is welcome.

If you are 25 plus, and would like to meet some people your age, you will probably enjoy Ios the most in June or in August.

In July there are a lot of graduation students coming into the island, many of them only 18-20 years old.

If you know party places like Ayia Napa, Magaluf, Kos, Zante or similar and think, that’s not what we want anymore. Ios island is the right place and is very different to those destinations.

Authentic, small island vibes, with a mix of backpacker style and luxurious venues. You can really pick and choose how you want to spend your day in Ios.

We also have the perfect hotel options available for you, if you don’t want to be woken up by drunk screaming people at 5am!

For packages that cater for 25+ or couples email us at

Life is a Beach Party Team


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