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Swedish Midsummer in Ios / Greece

29 October 2019


If you know Life is a Beach Party and have followed us for a while, this topic is not unknown to you!

Next year – SAVE the date: Friday, June 19th, 2020.

It secretly is the favorite day/week of the summer for our team in Ios, and it is as well for so many of our travellers. Those who come to Ios for Swedish Midsummer, always return in the years to come. Many even call it a tradition. Why?

There are many reasons why:

1. The Nightclubs open at 10:00 in the early morning, and even before midday, it escalates! You do not get this kind of day party at home

2. Everything is yellow and blue, and on this day, everyone IS yellow and blue. We are all Swedish together, for this one day in Ios!

3. Everyone on the island has one goal, and the goal is, to make this day the best of their lives. The energy is unbeatable

4. Many blonde Swedish girls (and guys)

5. Everything is allowed this day, no one is judged. It has the feeling of woodstock, free love for everyone

6. The walk to the beach! At 2 pm, everyone gathers in the center of Ios (mostly with a Breezers in their hand) to start the legendary walk down to the beach as a group – final destination – Far Out Beach Club

7. There is a lot of kissing

8. No fights – if anyone is about to make trouble, people will only look at them in disbelief. Only good vibes allowed!

9. Papa Nick – who can forget this legend who brought this traditional Swedish day to Ios 25 years ago

The list could go on! And, with Swedish Midsummer being the highlight, it makes the whole week around the event great. A bunch of really good people who make their way to Ios / Greece for it, and of course they do not only want to party on this one day. The Swedish Midsummer week is always one of our busiest and most fun of the entire summer. As it is still not officially peak season yet, you can get really good deals and cheaper prices than in Mid July or August.

Check out our YouTube channel and have a look at the Swedish Midsummer videos we did a few years ago. Just to get an idea of what we are talking about.

Gather your friends together – this experience will be different, and one you will never regret! 🙂

Life is a Beach Party Team


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