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Graduation Trips – Ios / Greece

27 October 2019

Another magical summer in Ios has come to an end, we look back on great memories with friends from over 25 different nations.

Graduation Trips, have for a while, been a big part of our summer! Not only that we basically host the entire city and suburbs of Oslo towards the end of July, but we now add international and private schools from Ireland, Switzerland and Portugal to the list of our groups for summer 2019.

So, if you are graduating next year, you should definitely consider Ios, and our customised full packages!

Many of you who are in their last year of school, will be looking to travel somewhere. Everyone wants to go out with a bang and have a proper farewell with your classmates before going off in your separate ways.

From the end of May, until early September we are offering exactly what you are after in a Grad Trip! Parties every day, adventure days, tons of different beautiful beaches, bar crawls, theme parties, BBQ´s, quad bike trips. Basically anything you could think of for your perfect holiday!

Being on Ios doing what we do since 2012, we know from experience what you guys love the most during your time on the island. We make sure that you try the best food, see the most beautiful sunsets, don’t miss out on any of the best parties or events, find hidden gems that are not on TripAdvisor or similar. People do not understand how special this island is, until they see it with their own eyes.

The plan for 2020, is to get as many Grad Trip groups from all different countries together on the island, on the same dates! With this gathering of like-minded people, we will create an unforgettable atmosphere!

Check out the video we put together

We make it easy for you – taking care of your entire travel, as well as party and adventures in Ios (all at a discounted price with the Life is a Beach Party wristband).

And, we prepare some special surprises for the group leaders, who take on the job of organising their Grad Trip – we know it’s hard work!

Life is a Beach Party Team


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