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Why the Nightlife in Ios / Greece Is More Fun Than Anywhere Else!

20 January 2019

Despite all the amazing beaches, activities, restaurants and vibes, that even make our parents love this island, the nightlife is still the main reason for many of our travellers to make their way to Ios!

It is often hard to bring across why Ios is so great when some of you may think we are only saying this to talk up our main destination. Remember, Ios only became our “main product” after travelling to all possible party destinations to check out what we believe allows our groups the best experience. Although people will only fully understand how good Ios is, after they have experienced it, we will try to explain the key points below:

1. FarOut Beach Club
Technically this is not “Ios nightlife”, but practically it is. There are very few places on planet earth that will be able to compete with the madness that takes place in the late afternoon and early evening hours at this super club right at Mylopothas beach. For many FarOut Beach Club is responsible for some of their very best party holiday memories, that will stand the test of time. On most days of summer world famous DJ’s will rock the stage, on other days some local Ios legends. While the vibes will be slightly different, on any day during peak season it will be nuts! Best time to get there is around 4 – 5pm, to have a few drinks get into the mood, before the party is at its best between 7 – 9pm. By the way, Life is a Beach Party traveller’s get great happy hour deals until 6pm with their wristbands.

2. The international crowd
Summer holiday destinations have become some kind of tradition in many countries. So it is not unusual that if you go to a certain island or town, you will mostly run into the same 1, 2 or 3 nationalities. In Ios tho, Life is a Beach Party alone had travellers from 25 different countries in 2019. This is a great chance to make friends from all over the world. We always love to see when former Life is a Beach Party travellers meet up in each others home countries, providing one another a place to crash and remain friends! People are really open and often intrigued to hear about how things go down in your country. Great conversation opener over a few drinks!

3. The Vibe
Now this is something that is very hard to understand for someone who hasn’t been to the island of Ios before. There is just this very personal, friendly and open mindedness about it. The people working in the bars and restaurants, are mostly not there to make cash. They are there to spend a summer they will never forget. They also love to get to know our travellers, to have a chat, to have a shot, or even hang out during the day. Ios feels like a big family if you are open to it. Bartenders will remember you, so will waiters in restaurants. You are not just a number, like in many other big resorts. This is definitely the party holiday destination with the most personal touch!

4. The Bar & Club concepts!
How many times have you walked along a bar strip somewhere on vacation and the bars more or less looked the same. With many blinking lights and people trying to get you in with the cheapest drink deals? Well, if you have the Life is a Beach Party party package you also get some drink deals. But, this is not, what it is mainly about. Ios is all about the experience, no bar is like the other. Every bar has their own concept, their own soul and offer some very specific things to differ from everyone else. Which makes it super fun to cruise through the Ios nightlife. You can go to 5, 6, 7, 8 or more different places in one night and still feel like you experience something different every time. The owners really put heart and soul into their business. Obviously they want to make money to support their lifestyle, but they also very much care about people leaving Ios with a smile! This is priority number one on the island!

5. Everything is close
You do not need to think. Within a 5 minute walk, you can reach everything you need to reach within the Ios nightlife. If you stay in one of the Life is a Beach Party partner hotels, you are always in the very center and don’t even need a taxi to get home at 5 or 6 (or 7 or 8) in the morning. We also sort you out with free entrance in almost all of the best bars on the island. So, you can just hop in and hop out whenever you like. Check as many new places as you feel like. Often the next cool bar is only next door, you show your wristband and in you go. It just makes it all easy, uncomplicated and fun!

By the way, whoever is able to last longer than am on their first night, gets a little surprise from your Life is a Beach Party Rep. It might sound easy, but Ios has a way to make people go to sleep earlier than that, while not yet knowing what is coming for you 🙂

Life is a Beach Party Team


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