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What Happens In Ios / Greece Once The Summer Is Over?

29 December 2018

It is hard to imagine for the most of you, but when the summer months have passed, Ios becomes this very quiet & super relaxed place. Giving locals and business owners the chance to finally unwind and enjoy the island a little bit to themselves. October and even November still presents really nice weather with a sunny 20-24 degrees.

While the owners of Farout Beach Club love to spend their time fishing, and overlooking the ongoing renovations of the beach club, you won’t recognize the place next summer – it is going to be epic, other locals travel around the greek islands to visit family, or settle in Athens for the winter. Many international season workers return to their home countries, travel the globe, or are on their way to their next (winter) season destination.

We at Life is a Beach Party, are currently working on getting our new Ios videos finished. This year, we decided not to make our usual ‘annual aftermovie’ – but we will create a video that highlights the past 5 years of our company being present in Ios. We will show how Ios has evolved, the highlights of 5 years of partying, making friends from around the world and exploring the island with so many different great people will be put together into one movie.

We were going through some of the old footage the other day with friends over a few drinks, and we were dying laughing. ‘It is a shame we can not publicly share all the footage we have on our servers, as we have to maintain a somewhat professional image’ said Nick Adcock.

But we sure did capture a lot of people, at 4-5 am in their very best/worst moments.

We had almost forgotten how many summers, parties & challenges we have been through. Those videos will always be a great reminder, and will honestly still entertain us in decades to come, looking back to the good old days.

So much has changed over the past 5 years. Plenty of new bars, restaurants, new concepts have been created in that time. We live in a time of change, and while Ios is not the simple little hippie island it onces was, it will always keep its soul.

The island has definitely stepped up its game, which was necessary in order to keep up with other tourist destinations. Most important, we believe, that the vibe between travellers, locals, and businesses hasn’t changed. Ios is still in our opinion #1 when it comes to friendly vibes and a positive atmosphere. That charming greek island feel is still there, without massive hotel complexes, overrun with tourists, with a salesman on every corner trying to sell something (except the ladies with the neon bracelets – who bought one? haha).

We are currently in the Netherlands, at the headquarters of our friends from Cameraden Media. They have been with us from the very start – creating all those awesome aftermovies. We met them travelling in Crete, while they were shooting for another company there, and after shdowing us some of their work, we knew we had to get them on board.

Over the past few years, our business relationship became friendship! We have now started another fun travel company together, focusing on weekend trips to awesome cities in east Europe for bachelor parties, birthday party weekends & football team trips etc.

We have also been going through all customer feedback from this summer, which pleasingly has never been as good as in 2018, and try to improve our services once again. The goal will always be, that you guys leave Ios with a smile on your face, even if you are struggling with the aftermaths of your last night out in Ios. We also want you to feel good value for money, that you have been well taken care of, make a difference in terms of showing you spots and places that you wouldn’t have experienced, if you just travelled to Ios by yourself. We want you to get the best out of your time in Ios, connect with other travellers, and considering all of this, we think 2018 was an amazing summer!

If you have any ideas, feedback, questions, or comments – just hit us up on instagram –> ‘lifeisabeachparty

So, stay tuned for the soon to be released aftermovie ‘Ios/Greece Evolution (2013 -> 2018) – Heaven on earth’

Life is a Beach Party Team


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