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Unleash the Ultimate Zante Experience with Life is a Beach Party Official Wristbands for Summer 2024 – Perfect for Irish 6th Year Leaving Cert. Students

5 March 2024



Zante, Greece, is set to be the hottest destination for summer 2024, and if you’re an Irish 6th Year Leaving Cert student looking for the ultimate beach party experience, look no further than the Official Life is a Beach Party Wristbands. This Bronze Package promises an unforgettable stay with exclusive perks and access to the best events on the island. Dive into the details and discover why these wristbands are a must-have for your Zante adventure.


The Official Life is a Beach Party Wristband (Bronze Package) is your golden ticket to an immersive Zante experience. Priced at €99 per person, this flexible date wristband offers a range of inclusions that will elevate your stay from ordinary to extraordinary. From club entrances and discounted drinks to exclusive event tickets, the Bronze Package ensures you make the most out of your time in Zante.


The Bronze Package is packed with exciting inclusions, making it the perfect choice for Irish Leaving Cert students seeking a vibrant and hassle-free vacation. The wristband includes:

  1. 2 x Bar Crawl Signups: Explore Zante’s nightlife with visits to 5 top Bars/Clubs, enjoying 5 FREE entries and shots, culminating in an unforgettable night at IKON!
  2. 1 x VVIP Boat Party Ticket: Immerse yourself in the ultimate Life is a Beach Party experience aboard the VVIP Boat Party (€60 value).
  3. 1 x Life is a Beach Party Pool Party Ticket: Dive into the fun with exclusive access to the Pool Party (€20 value).
  4. 1 x Big Night Out Ticket: Kick off your weekend at IKON, Zante’s Premier Club, with a Friday night extravaganza (€15 value).
  5. Free Entry to Partner Bars and Clubs: Enjoy complimentary access to the hottest spots in Zante.
  6. Discounted Drinks and Activities: Avail discounts on drinks, water sports, boat trips, and partner restaurants.
  7. WhatsApp Updates: Stay in the loop with regular updates on Zante’s happenings.
  8. 24/7 Concierge Service: Benefit from Life is a Beach Party staff assistance throughout your stay.


Don’t just take our word for it; hear from travelers who have experienced the Life is a Beach Party magic:

  • Eamonn, Ireland: “5 star experience with Life is a Beach Party. Had a fantastic experience with Life is a Beach Party! Packed with lots of fun activities such as quad riding, pool parties and bar crawls. The staff were amazing (and super hot), very hospitable and the accommodation was just right (spacious and in close proximity to everything). Highly recommend! 5/5″
  • Emma, Ireland: “Myself and a few of my friends booked our holiday through Life is a Beach Party back in July and it was so worth it. We’d get notified about any bar crawls or events happening through WhatsApp and it was really helpful. The bar crawls were the highlight of the holiday because we were able to experience all the different bars in Ios, meet new people and have the best fun all at the same time! I would recommend and would love to go back again next year through Life is a Beach Party”
  • Eleanor Lynch, Ireland: “Life is Beach Party played a huge part in our experience! We attended the bar crawl every night without fail. It became part of our routine and made the whole holiday!”


For Irish 6th Year Leaving Cert students seeking an unforgettable summer getaway, the Official Life is a Beach Party Wristbands in Zante are a game-changer. Secure your reservation now with a €99 deposit and unlock a world of excitement, adventure, and unforgettable memories on the sun-soaked shores of Zante. Your ultimate beach party experience awaits!


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