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Tips On Landing Yourself The Best Summer Job In Ios / Greece

2 February 2019

Spending the best summer of your life working on the island of Ios!

Many of you love that thought – living a never ending-holiday full of parties, fun & new friends – whilst working in a paradise destination by the beach. A life where every day feels like the weekend, where no day is boring and sunshine every morning when you wake up!

Well, if you want to have a little look on how this might feel like in Ios – check out this video we did in 2015. Some things have changed since then, but you still get a pretty good idea of the Ios workers life:

So, what do you need in order get a job in Ios? Keen to work on our Bar Crawl in Ios?

You need to be outgoing, you need to get along with all kinds of people, have a friendly personality and you have to be able to work hard and play hard at the same time. It is a long summer, with long nights, late parties – some hangovers, but regardless you will have to get your butt up and show up for work. Some days will be tougher than others, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

Many people email and ask if we can hook them up with work in bars, or as DJ’s. To be honest, this will only work out very occasionally.

Whilst most “normal companies” would have a very close look at your CV, personality and how you interact with people is much more important here.

Owners or managers are much more interested in getting to know you personally. Your best bet will be, to book your tickets, get there early in the season (May or early June), rock up with a smile and get to know people. Show that you are the person they want to have in their team.

If you really want it, spread positive vibes, you will most likely be successful! It is a bit risky some may think, just going there, not knowing what will happen. But sometimes risks need to be taken, to get good things happening, right?

For those who are extra keen on working behind a bar, but don’t have any experience, the Ios Bar School is offering 2-week certified bartender qualifications with trial shifts to help secure the ultimate summer job.

You should not expect to earn loads of money, working a summer in Ios, but it is all about the experience, friendships and fun. If you live carefully, you should earn enough to support your daily costs without spending much of your own money.

However, we have seen other examples too, like a certain Alex from Australia, who came to work in Ios for the summer. Ended up buying Grey Goose bottles every day, spending 15.000 EUR of his own money in one summer, and stayed for 2 years without leaving the island! We should say that this not the average example…

Life is a Beach Party Team


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