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How To Get To Ios / Greece – Everything You Need To Know About Ferry Connections

1 February 2019

We all know that Ios is an island paradise in the Greek islands!

However, if you would want to find any negatives about the island of Ios, it is probably the trip to get there itself.

At the same time, it is evidence of how much people love ios – other destinations are so much easier (and often cheaper) to get to – that still the island is buzzing, and full of travellers from all around the globe.

So, for those who do not know – Ios does not have an airport. You basically have FOUR options:

  • fly into Athens (5-7 hour ferry to Ios)
  • fly into Santorini (45-60 minute ferry to Ios)
  • fly into Mykonos (3-4 hour ferry to Ios)
  • fly into Crete (3-4 hour ferry to Ios)

…and then, take the ferry to Ios. Out of the four, Athens and Santorini are the most popular options.

Athens is the easiest to fly to from almost anywhere and often cost effective. Santorini is the most convenient option, with only a 1 hour ferry ride to Ios. However, only certain airports have direct connections to Santorini, and they can sometimes be pretty pricey.

The next issue you may encounter is to perfectly match your flight times with your ferry times. Firstly not having to wait too long for your connection ferry and secondly not to miss your ferry in case your flight is a delayed. Many travellers get caught out with this & unless you have booked combined flights/ferries via a Travel Agent may not be eligible for a refund.

It is easier if you do island hopping, and just travel around the islands with ferries.

So, yes, it is a bit of pain sometimes to make your way to Ios, but then again, it is so worth it – and everyone agrees on that!

In our first 2 years we only offered hotels and events, but experiencing our customers struggle with the flight/ferry combinations, having to book everything separately, we decided to assist with that.

So, if you don’t want deal with it yourself, email us, tell us where your travelling from, your dates and we will deliver the best possible connection for you.

Like that it’s simple, easy and you can book the entire trip in one package!

If you are interested in Greek island-hopping, we can arrange that for you too!

Get in touch if you have any questions!

Life is a Beach Party Team


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