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Staff In Ios & The Life is a Beach Party Connection

26 October 2019

It is often hard to describe what makes Ios in the Greek islands so special, so different to other holiday destinations.

There are several reasons for Ios being our favorite – but the people who come here from all over the world to spend their summer season, working in one of the bars or restaurants, definitely add to the great vibes here.

Even though the nightlife is crazy, with new people coming in and out of the island every single day of summer, this Greek island still has a very personal touch.

After all, it is a reasonably small village, and you often run into the same people. Bartenders will remember you from the night before, and you don’t feel like just a number.

Ios “staff” are mostly between 20 – 30 years old, love to travel, to party and to meet people. Everyone is open minded and easy to talk to. The staff usually have many of their friends coming over to visit, and everyone understands quickly that troublemakers, or bad vibes are not welcome on the island at all.

It’s super common for our Life is a Beach Party travellers to also make good friends with Ios staff, as we are kind of a connection between the two.

All of the Life is a Beach Party staff are friends with the bartenders, security guards, even the managers and introduce people travelling as part of our groups to all of them as your mates.

You will run into people from Australia, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Austria, France, Norway, Sweden and many more.

No matter if you travel by yourself, or get lost on a night out. You will never feel alone – if you go to one of the bars and show your Life is a Beach Party wristband they will know you are with us and treat you like a friend!

That is one of the main reasons, why we have after all, decided to make Ios our home with Life is a Beach Party. We travelled around the globe and especially around Europe to check all our options. We felt like Ios was the place to be, and we never looked back or had regrets!

We look forward to welcoming new, and return, groups from around the world next summer & not only showing them a great time in Ios but creating many new friendships that may last a lifetime!

Life is a Beach Party Team


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