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9 Best Restaurant’s in Ios / Greece

29 October 2022

This is going to be a tough selection – because, this place is full of great food options, especially being such a small island. Usually Ios – Nightlife are the 2 most searched topics. However, we got to eat right? And, we all enjoy it too right. Having had a few thousand meals in Ios over the last 6 – 7 years we know what we are talking about.

1. Yummy’s
Ok let’s start with the easiest option – the one, we all crave at 4 am when we had a few drinks too much. Or, if we need a quick feed after waking up with a big hangover. Here is where you get your Gyros. It is always entertaining watching the owner, Antonis, preparing the food. He is fully focussed, loves his job, and he is without a doubt – Ios fastest! Just watch him and stop the clock!

2.Life is a Beach Party HQ
Always a winner! Best location on the main street in the heart of Ios. All Life is a Beach Party wristband owners enjoy a 20% discount here as well. So, it’s probably our number one pick for your daily feed. Mostly serving authentic international cuisine . Good Portions, fair prices, amazing taste. Rumours say, they might add some traditional Greek food on the 2024 summer menu! Perfect way to start before diving into the Ios nightlife. Just 5 steps away from the action!

3.Hellenic Social
This is the place to be for breakfast, juices, smoothies, or even an early drink. The staff behind the bar are in the top league of mixing drinks, no matter if with or without alcohol. All three owners come originally from the Ios nightlife sector. With some Aussie influence, and the “brunch” concept booming in Australia, there is definitely some inspiration from down under on this menu. Eggs benedict, healthy bowls, breakfast burgers etc. All the Ios workers love to hang out there in the morning (after midday in Ios), which is always a good sign! Best start to the morning in Ios before a wild beach party or after a some crazy nights on your party holiday! 10% Life is a Beach Party discount with the wristband.

For many a “must-go” while on Ios. This is the place Ios workers would take their parents or friends on their first night of arriving on Ios. Cosy, hidden in a small alleyway in the center of town, Katogi dominates with their own, custom made menu. Every dish on this menu is unique, and something you won’t get anywhere else. They even brought out their own cooking book inspired from their menu. The perfect place for a group of 4 or more, ordering lots of share plates, to try a bit of everything. Very fair price considering the experience. Reservation is a must – get your Life is a Beach Party Rep to organise it for you on arrival!

5.The Mills
One of the oldest traditional Greek Tavernas on the island. Beautiful location, next to the old windmills. You can sit outside, and enjoy a nice view over the town where all the Ios Nightlife takes place a bit later on. The family takes a lot of pride in their restaurant and in satisfying their customers. You will always feel a very warm welcome, and get some little complementary goods from the owner! And of course a homemade shot with him, when paying the bill. We recommend anything that comes from the “spit”, which is their speciality. But the owner again, is also more than happy to recommend you his favorites. Big menu!

Website: The Mills

Another must visit, and another huge favourite to hang out for the Ios staff. Located at the very start of Mylopothas beach (opposite end to FarOut Beach Club), Harmony offers great Mexican food, hammocks, games, live music and homemade sangria with a breathtaking view over Mylopothas Bay. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, all is possible here. The breakfast menu has a lot of healthy options. Overall a great place to eat for Vegans. The most popular time at Harmony starts around 5 pm when all the Ios workers head down to have a beer, food, and catch up with everyone. There are some rocks where you can jump into the water and swim as well. The live music, with musicians from all over the world also adds to the vibe. A place we take every Life is a Beach Party traveller to at least once during their stay in Ios.

Website: Harmony Ios

7.Fun Pub
The one and only proper Pub in Ios. If you feel like something you know, this is your place to go. Burgers, pasta, pizza, ribs, omelettes, currys, everything is on offer. It is also located in the very heart of Ios, next to Life is a Beach Party HQ on the main street. It is also the only sports bar in Ios. They cover any major sporting event, from soccer to rugby and even Australian sports. But it doesn’t stop there. Fun Pub is the first place to hit when it comes to the Ios Nightlife. Most bars and clubs don’t really get busy before midnight, while Fun Pub may already be pumping around 10 – 11 pm. So, if you are ready to go, and can not wait any longer, this is the best place to start your night. Many people even come directly after the day party at FarOut Beach Club, have a Burger and a drink.

8.Karma Beach
The Italian spot down at the beach. Great pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes. The owner is a super nice Italian lady who loves to make her guests from all over the world feel special. The place is super cosy, with a beach, many hammocks and cushions. Especially popular with our female travellers. (The happy hour on daquiri’s in the afternoon might add to that too) 10% Life is a Beach Party discount with the wristband.

9.FarOut Village
The restaurant right next to the famous FarOut Beach Club. Probably the one name that everyone on a party holiday will know even before arriving in Ios. Many people connect FarOut only with drinks and party – which is, yes, surely the main attraction down there. However, you will be surprised how good the food (and the portions) are at the FarOut Village restaurant. Perfect stop before or after going wild just a few metres further on the dancefloor. And even though it’s super close to the party, it’s fairly quiet. Totally recommended!

Website: FarOut Village

Life is a Beach Party Team


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