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Interview Series: George Binas / Luv n roll

22 February 2020

1. Hey George, tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is George Binas and I was born in Athens,Greece. I studied applied mathematics and specialize in branding and marketing.I am the Founder of LUV N ROLL, an Athens based brand around art, tattoos, piercings, jewelleries and clothing. We own a studio in the suburbs of Athens and one in FarOut Beach Club complex in Ios island. We are about to start a new project, LUV N ROLL HOUSE , the First multi-cultured space in Athens, Greece with a Tattoo & Piercing Studio within. You will also find an architecture office , as well as a top notch restaurant cafe bar , open exhibitions, seminars, workshops, events, parties and more.

2. When did you fall in love with Ios, and how did your business career start here?

I came to Ios when i was 19 years old for vacation and I fell in love with the beauty and the vibes of this greek island right on! A majestic place with people all around the world sharing the same sunset, beach vibes and entertainment. I started my LNR studio in FarOut in summer of 2012 as a small studio and we expanded  the last years having a beautiful corner inside FarOut. We love working in Ios together with the FarOut family.

3. From the perspective of a Greek, how would you describe Ios to someone who has never heard about it before?

Ios is a really beautiful greek island where someone can combine all kinds of adventure, vacation and party life. You can eat great food, explore so many beaches, party like nowhere else in FarOut afternoon huge events in a festival kind of vibe, and explore the narrow streets and typical greek island vibes in Chora. Ios is a great opportunity to meet young people from all over the world, make new friends, fall in love, and dance ! A day n night in the village is an experience you will never never forget. There is so many different ways to experience Ios and whichever is your purpose, I am sure that Ios is the place to lose and find yourself at the same time!

4. Tell us more about your business. What is the goal and mission of your brand?

Luv’n’Roll is as inspiring as its name, we have redefined the essence of what a real house of art should be, ceaselessly nurturing creativity and cradling new ideas while fostering their development. The result is nothing less than a tattoo studio like no other, built by dreamers for dreamers. It was two keys that unlocked the One Love heart, the limitless imagination of our dedicated artists and the trust of open-minded customers who could share our artists’ vision. Love, positivity, restlessness and hard work are the magic ingredients that built the pillars of Luv’n’Roll, and now serve as the compass that guides it. Our services include, but are not limited to, tattooing, piercing, clothing & apparel, wall art, canvases and prints/posters. Immerse yourself in the One Love experience to discover more. Luv ‘n Roll is a clothing brand for people who were meant to stand out from the crowd. As comfort is one of our top priorities, our philosophy is to use materials of the highest standard, which, combined with custom silk screen printing and custom unique artworks from our artists, provide an experience and formulate a brand like no other. The Luv ‘n Roll collection also consists of custom designed trucker-hats, beanies, bags and socks. Since our collection is created exclusively by artists, it will never stagnate. Expect what you didn’t believe was possible from us. Our motto is simple, yet wonderfully challenging – “Make it good, make it colourful.”

5. Drunk tattoos on holidays, a common thing. What do you think about this topic?

Most of the tattoo studios in Islands focus on drunk tattoos. We don’t. We are here to serve a high goal of meeting and tattooing collectors from around the world. We suggest our customers to book an appointment for their last day in the island, so they can party, experience Ios and Greece and at the last day to get a custom high quality tattoo for life! We meet lots of customers during party or slightly drunk, but we never tattoo people while they are drunk. In the end, people who really want a nice tattoo will come back to book their appointment for tattoo or piercing sober.

6. How do your days in Ios look like, what’s the routine?

When I was younger it was hard to have a normal routine since Ios nightlife is a crazy and amazing experience . Nowadays I luv to wake up early, around 8:30, hit the gym inside FarOut and then swim in the beautiful crystal waters of Mylopotas beach, right in front of us. Then breakfast and coffee, and ready to talk and consult our customers . Our shop opens at 10:00 am until 10:00 pm. Everyday in FarOut Beach Club consists of 2 periods. 10:00 – 16:00 is a chill out period of productive ideas and 16:00 – late is the day party! Lots of people dancing, lots of people around our shop . We also have a clothing store inside our studio so afternoon is a really busy time period of the day.

7. What is your business and personal connection to Life is a Beach Party?

We are friends with Life is a Beach Party the last 7 years, collab and help each other. We offer better prices on all customers from Life is a Beach Party into our services and products.

8. Since you are living on the island, what has changed?

Ios is going up the last years! More shops, larger investments and more luxury on the island. From tents we scaled up into suites, from just a beach party we scaled up to a festival top notch beach club with great international DJ’s around the globe ! Ios is the place to be!

9. Any funny stories from your shop that happened over the years you want to share with us?

There are so many funny stories everyday that I can’t really think of something specific. Sometimes drunk people are willing to pay 1000 euros in order to get tattooed right away and we still refuse to do it. Once we make them walk a 10 meter straight line path to prove us that they were sober as they claimed. Of course they didn’t make it so no Tattoos while you are drunk!

10. Would you change Ios for having a shop in another greek island?

Even if LNR expands in more greek islands, I would never miss a summer in Ios! At that point , I would like to thank FAROUT BEACH CLUB family, all my friends and club owners in the island, Life is a Beach Party & Rene and all of you that share moments with us and made new memories for Life! Thanks so much! One Luv

Website: Luv N Roll

Life is a Beach Party Team


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