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How to Land the Perfect Summer Job in Ios, Greece (2024)

16 January 2024


Are you dreaming of spending your summer in a Greek paradise, surrounded by stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and an international community of fellow workers? Ios, located in the Cyclades, might just be the perfect destination for your summer adventure. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to secure the ideal summer job in Ios, Greece.

1. Discovering the Paradise of Ios: Ios is not just an island; it’s a paradise with incredible places to eat, drink, and beautiful beaches that will make your summer unforgettable. The ‘staff’ is as diverse as the island itself, comprising of Australians, Norwegians, Irish, Americans, Italians, and more. The vibrant nightlife is a key attraction, with workers enjoying days on the beach and working at night.

2. Timing is Everything: To increase your chances of landing the perfect summer job, plan your arrival for late May or early June. This timing provides the best opportunities as businesses gear up for the busy season. Take the time to explore local bars and restaurants, connect with people, and inquire about job options locally.

3. Networking Beats Online Searches: Don’t rely on online job searches, as very few jobs are advertised online. Instead, prioritize arriving early, being friendly, and networking with locals to secure your perfect summer job. In Ios, personal connections often open doors to the best job opportunities.

4. Language Advantage: Unlike many destinations, you won’t need to master Greek to work in Ios. Most businesses on the island communicate in English, making it accessible for international workers.

5. Diverse Job Opportunities: Ios offers a variety of job opportunities catering to different skills and interests. From bartenders, waitstaff, and hotel pool bar work to PR roles, watersports staff, and diving positions, there’s something for everyone. If you’re outgoing and have a good personality, you might find success in the lively bar scene.

6. Life is a Beach Party Opportunities: If you’re seeking specific opportunities, Life is a Beach Party HQ is gearing up for an exciting summer. We’re looking for a diverse team, including a bar manager, bartenders, wait staff, social media photographer/videographer, events manager, DJ, chefs, and kitchen hands, as well as bar crawl leaders + sales staff. Make sure you have an EU passport to be eligible for these positions.

7. Embracing the Ios Lifestyle: Ios is more than just a workplace; it’s a lifestyle. Picture waking up to beach activities, socializing, and working at night in a paradise known for non-stop parties, easy friendships, and carefree living. The island offers a unique blend of work and play that few destinations can match.

8. Understanding the Work Dynamics: Prepare yourself for a mix of day and night work in Ios. Most night jobs involve working in bars until the early morning hours. The roles include being a barman, a door whore enticing passers-by into bars, and working the floor engaging with travellers. Additionally, you may be expected to spend some time kamaki-ing on the beach during the day to attract customers.

9. Accommodation and Arrival: Consider staying in a budget hotel room initially, with close proximity to Chora & most of the bars, clubs + restaurants. As for timing, arriving in mid to late May ensures you have the pick of the best jobs. Initial accommodation costs can be covered by working, and later you can find more permanent solutions with staff accommodation options.

10. Enriching Expectations: Expect more than just a job – anticipate new friendships, beautiful weather, parties, and diverse activities. Ios promises an unforgettable summer experience.

11. Job Search Avenues: Look for jobs with travel companies, hotels, resorts, and tourism providers. Various job types, including holiday reps, bar jobs, shot sellers, DJs, PR roles, glass collectors, VIP hostesses, restaurant staff, body painters, dancers, and ticket sellers, cater to different interests.

12. Club and Bar Opportunities: Specific clubs and bars, such as Disco 69, FarOut Beach Club, Sweet Irish Dream, Escobar, Shush, Circus, Fun Pub and many more, offer potential job opportunities.

With the right timing, networking approach, and a positive attitude, you can secure the perfect summer job in Ios, Greece. Embrace the island’s unique lifestyle, and you might find yourself not just working but creating memories that will last a lifetime.


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