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Best Day-time Activities In Ios / Greece

29 November 2022


Ios is more than just a party island!

This is something we have been trying to get across for a while now – Ios is obviously famous for its notorious nightlife, and we have also focused on it in our YouTube videos. After all, that is the main attraction for the majority of the crowd coming to the island.

However, we can’t stress enough how much more Ios has to offer. From experience, most of you guys can’t stay away from FarOut Beach Club! If you are in Ios for a week or longer, there will still be 2-3 afternoons where you’ll need a little break.

Is there a better way to start the day after a big night out, apart from having a morning dip in the pool or the sea? A good, big breakfast! Ios restaurants have really upped their game here. Of course you can get the classic English breakfast, omelettes and everything else you get back home. There is also a great variety of healthy options with amazing smoothies, bowls and other tasty creations. At venues like Hellenic Social in the center of Ios, and Harmony down by the beach you don’t only get great food and service experience, but also a nice atmosphere that lets you forget the hangover pretty quickly!

Of course you’ll get some discounts with the Life is a Beach Party wristband there as well 🙂

What has become really popular last summer, other than the obligatory watersport session at Meltemi in front of FarOut, have been our Quad Bike tours! We get everyone together in the early afternoon, once people are ok to drive again. We cruise around the island on the 4 wheelers – show you hidden spots that you wouldn’t find yourself, crystal clear waters, cliff jumping & hidden beaches. This is key for getting that perfect tan and taking your best holiday pictures. The hidden spots we take you will most likely be empty of other people. You can also do some snorkeling – and on the way back we usually stop for an awesome traditional feed at a little Greek taverna somewhere in the middle of the island. A day you will remember!

A couple of years ago, a couple of insane chill out lounges have opened in Ios around Koumbara beach. Infinity pools, great tunes pumped out of the best sound systems with unbelievable sunset views. Hanging out in those venues makes you feel like a millionaire on holidays just for a little while. We take you guys there at least once a week, just to experience something different. Prices will be a little higher than usual on Ios, but still quite affordable. Although nothing like you would find in Ibiza, if you have ever been there. The sunset party at Pathos Sunset Lounge, is an experience that will stay in your memory forever. We’ve got you covered with VIP treatment there too!

There are always a few other spontaneous adventures we can get up to – like simply grabbing a few beers from the supermarket, walking up to the viewpoint on the top of the hill in “Chora” (Ios main village) and enjoy a breathtaking panorama and sunset view. Your Instagram or if you are more old school, your memory, will get a serious boost with all the cool stuff you are going to see here!

There is also beach volleyball, bocce, beach soccer, tennis, baseketball, gym and since this summer yoga – for those who like to stay active!

Our goal is that you leave the island not only with a massive hangover, but with a smile on your face! Taking home all the great memories from wild nights out, the crazy parties at FarOut, but also the beauty of the island of Ios. Plus, with a lot of new friends from all different countries around the world!

Come join us in Paradise, you will not regret 🙂

Life is a Beach Party Team


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