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Benefits Of Booking With Life is a Beach Party

20 October 2020

We often get asked the question: “what are the main benefits of booking our trip to Ios with Life is a Beach Party?”

Here is a video for all of you to really understand what Life is a Beach Party does, and why it’s your best decision to book with us.

There are 5 main benefits:

  1. Stay at our party hotel in perfect central location
  2. Discounts and Benefits all over Ios
  3. Entertainment & connection you with likeminded people
  4. With the help of our Reps you see and experience the island like a local
  5. We make the travel part easy for you

Our Party Hotel has everything you need. Central location close to bars, clubs and restaurants. Swimming Pool, Air Con, Designated Pre-Drink/Pre-Party area. All needs met for a party holiday!

Our VIP wristband that is automatically included with your Life is a Beach Party Hotel booking, gives you access to plenty of discounts and benefits all over Ios. You save money on Food, Drinks, Water sports, Quads, Shopping etc.

You will meet people from all over the world within the Life is a Beach Party groups, and it’s very easy to make new friends. You always have someone to party with, and we make sure you don’t miss out on anything fun happening while you are in Ios. We also organise daily pre-drink parties and FREE bar crawls, quad tours, sunset parties. No pressure though, you only join when you feel like it. You do what you want, it’s your holiday, we are just there to help!

We make sure you visit the sickest beaches, best cliff jumping spots, eat the best food, don’t miss out on any events. Whenever you have a question, you just text one of our Reps. They are your mates in Ios, and are there to help you with anything you need!

This is optional: Anyone who has ever been to Ios knows it isn’t that easy to get to. You need to book flights, ferries, hotels (3 separate bookings). Not only do we find the best flight options from your destination for you, we also match them automatically with the best ferry connection. We arrange airport transfers, as well as from the port of Ios and direct to your hotel or villa.

Bottom Line, we provide entertainment – without telling you what to do. We are there if you need us, and we update you every day about what’s happening. We connect you with great people, and we make sure you get the best deals! We simply want you to make the very best of your time in Ios & have the experience of a lifetime!

Life is a Beach Party Team


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