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5 Ways To Cure Your Hangover In Ios / Greece

29 October 2022

“How much would you pay to spend a week in Ios without getting any hangover at all?!”

A question that is often discussed on the island. The combination of late nights and too many alcoholic beverages make some people struggle more than others.

So, how can you start your day in Ios in the most effective anti-hangover way?

Obviously it would always be a good idea to drink plenty of water before going to bed, and maybe get some “electrolytes” from the pharmacy to support hydration!

Here are some other suggestions:

1. Smoothies, ginger shots, or recovery beers / cocktails at Hellenic Social
This is the morning meeting spot for the Ios crowd in the center of the village. All bartenders, DJ’s and other staff will rock up between 11 am and 1 pm (lunch time). Note: You can say “good morning” in Ios up until 2 pm. Hellenic Social have got all the goodies! If you feel like a vitamin boost get one of the smoothies, or even force down a ginger shot. Try one of the great breakfast options or, if you are still drunk and want to keep it going, get a beer or a cocktail! Even though this place is most famous for its breakfast, the cocktails are one of the best in town!

2. Acai bowls and a morning swim at Harmony
A beautiful spot to start the day – just down at the edge of Mylopotas beach, the Harmony breakfast offers tons of healthy options to boost your immune system. One of them, is the delicious Acai bowl! The breakfast surfers swear on around the world, filled with superfoods. For those who feel fine and don’t care about the healthy food, of course there are some other yummy classics to choose from as well! While waiting for your food, just a few steps away there is a great spot to hop into the water and take a swim. Let the salt water cleanse your system and we promise you’ll feel better right away!

Website: Harmony Ios

3. Quad bike tour (with hidden beaches)
Jump on a quad bike! We’ll stop at several beaches to dip into the refreshing sea while enjoying the wind on your face while cruising around the island on those quads! Your Life is a Beach Party rep will take you to a few amazing view points and show you all the way to the hidden gem, that is Neverbay! This amazing little bay is hard to find for non-locals and will be a killer on your Instagram! Absolutely beautiful!

4. Life is a Beach Party DETOX boat tour with Meltemi Water Sports
Grab some breakfast at FarOut Beach Club, and head over to Meltemi Water Sports just outside of the venue. The speed boats will put on some tunes, take you and your crew to a snorkelling spot, to dive through a cave and finally drop you off at a private beach where you can chill for an hour or so. A lot of swimming in different amazing spots will make you look more positive on life after feeling the pain of last night when waking up!

Website: Meltemi Water Sports

5. Go to FarOut Beach Club and cure the hangover with the Life is a Beach Party happy hour deal
If you are one of those groups who do not want to give their body a break – just head straight to where the party happens during the day. FarOut will have a big pool and music waiting for you. Until 6 pm, you get 2 for 1 drinks or cocktails at the bar with your Life is a Beach Party wristband. The brothers Spyros and Marios on the main inside bar make some mean “Bloody Mary’s” to bring you right back on track!

Website: FarOut Beach Club

Life is a Beach Party Team


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