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Budget Friendly Trips To Ios / Greece

3 November 2019

Ios (Greece) never disappoints, however, it is not the cheapest destination to travel to. If you fly to Magaluf (Spain) or Ayia Napa (Cyprus), your flights can be significantly cheaper. But we all know, Ios is worth the extra effort! After all, we decided to focus on Ios after having travelled to all the other party holiday destinations including Ibiza, Mykonos, Rhodos, Malia, Magaluf, Napa, Kos, you name it. We just did not find anything that could compare with Ios, looking at it as a whole holiday experience.

Not everyone is on a huge budget when travelling, especially after finishing school or being a student. We would still love to see you party with us in 2022 tho.

Here are a few tips from us, on how to do Ios on a budget:

1. Book your trip early
The earlier you book, the better the prices for flights and ferries will be. Every flight/airline has only a certain amount of budget seats available on any flight. Once they are sold, prices go up a little extra for each ticket. So, you and your friends are best to make a decision very soon, and get the best prices currently available. We help you to find the best connection and airfare from your destination too. Once you have booked your flight via our Travel Department, we know you are coming. That gives us the freedom not to charge you anything for the hotel part until spring 2020. So you have some more time to save up. So, book your trip early with Life is a Beach Party and pay only for the flights/ferries for now.

2. Travel in June / start of July
Hotel prices are still cheaper in June and start of July. For some reason it is not officially peak season yet in Ios. But for us, one of the best times to travel. Very international crowd, good vibes, and also some great events on the island. Above all of course June 19th, with Swedish Midsummer. By travelling early in the summer you can save up to 30% on the hotel. Totally worth it.

3. Choose one of our budget hotel options
Isn’t it nice to stay in a sick hotel, with all the comforts that come with it? Sure, it is, especially if you are on a honeymoon or a trip with your family. Where not so much else is happening other than relaxing. However, in Ios, all the action is outside of the hotel. You are only there to sleep. Don’t get us wrong, none of our hotels are rubbish. They are all perfectly suited for a party holiday, and are all located in the heart of Ios very close to the Ios Nightlife with the village of Chora. All our budget hotel options have AC, serviced daily, and you have access to wifi.

4. Use the discounts of your Life is a Beach Party wristband
Every traveller who books their hotel via Life is a Beach Party, gets our wristband with the package. The bands give you tons of discounts and benefits across the island. Drink deals, no entrance fees in many of the best bars and clubs, %- off in restaurants, water sports etc. Our Eeps will update you daily and remind you where to get the best restaurant deals, the discounts you can get at FarOut Beach Club, how to take advantage of your wristband during the Ios nightlife. Also, when joining our free pub crawls, our Reps will always tell you before entering the next bar what specials they have lined up for you.

5. Pre-drink with Life is a Beach Party at our Party Hotel
We have a great pre-drink set up at our party hotel. We all usually meet around 10 or 11 pm at the pool of the Life is a Beach Party partner hotel. We provide cups, ice cubes and music. There is a little shop at the reception where you can buy bottles and drinks at supermarket prices. The right way to get you going and not need 10 drinks still to get into the mood. It’s also a great way to connect with our other travellers and make friends for the night ahead! or life 🙂

Life is a Beach Party Team


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